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Juan Carlos Huaranca, 2018-present. Ph.D. Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile. He is focused on population ecology, conservation biology and the implementation of management actions, especially among carnivores, other wildlife and humans in the Bolivian Andes. His research deals with the coexistence of charismatic high-elevation cats and the livelihood of camelid pastoralist people.

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Rumaan Malhotra, 2018-present. Ph.D. University of Michigan. Rumaan is studying the interaction of various components of human impacts on native carnivore communities. He uses camera traps to determine the spatial and temporal shifts exhibited by native carnivores in the rainforest of southern Chile in response to habitat fragmentation and the presence of domestic dogs, at a landscape scale. 

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Kelsey S. Biles, 2018-present. Wintering ecology, migration tracking, and pairing behavior of American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) in north central Texas. Ph.D. University of North Texas. XXX.

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Lorena Saavedra, 2019-present. M.S. Universidad de Magallanes, Chile. Lorena is investigating the movements of un-leashed owned dogs on Navarino Island via GPS collars. Specifically, through  psychometric experimental protocols, she is examining how the emotional bonds between the dogs and their owners affect the roaming behavior of their pets into natural areas. Her goal is to provide tools to manage the exploratory behavior of free-moving domestic dogs and their impacts on nearby local biodiversity

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Courtney Paine, 2019-present. M.S. University of North Texas. XXX.

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Sandra Uribe, 2015-2018. Ph.D. Universidad de Chile. Sandra’s research has been on natural and productive environments, chiefly studying small mammals associated to forest plantations in central Chile. She is especially interested on the ecology and conservation wild animals.

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Jeffrey G. Whitt, 2014-2018. Ph.D. University of North Texas. Jeff examined the drivers of Bobwhite Quail population decline and locally modeled the effect of landscape use on the recovery of the species. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Texas A&M  working on a California Quail translocation project.

Brian Bacon, 2017. M.S. University of North Texas. He is interested in bubonic plague in the U.S. and on bacteria and virus communities trapped in ice in glaciers in Iceland and released when melting occurs.

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Darío Moreira, 2012-2015. Ph.D. University of Alberta. Darío is a wildlife biologist and professor at the Faculty of Forest Sciences at the U. de Concepción. His research focuses on understanding the behavior and ecology of carnivores in heterogeneous landscapes in central and south Chile and addressing the effects of habitat quality and configuration. He also combines spatial, ecological, and social approaches to make socioecologically-informed land-use decisions related to human-wildlife coexistence in Temperate forest and Patagonian landscapes.

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